What to discover in the vicinity of the boutique hotel in the heart of Remiremont (88)


Discover the history of the most prestigious Noble Female Chapter of Europe...

Remiremont reveals itself to you. Romanesque chapels of the eleventh century, the abbey church of the thirteenth century, the canonic district and its Palace of the eighteenth century.

You will be amazed by our history, unique and extraordinary, that of women who depended directly on the emperor for temporal needs and on the Pope for spiritual needs.. Open for visits from Monday to Friday, by appointment. Special rates for groups and schools.

Boutique Hotel Épinal

"Le Belcour" Cabaret a unique show in the East

Unique in the Vosges, very rare in the East, the transformist meal show proposed at the Belcour has everything of a real Parisian Variety Show.

Nothing has been overlooked in this comfortable setting, easy to access by the Epinal Remiremont road, to create a refined ambiance, where the friendly welcome, will be followed by a festive meal that you can share with your lover or friends.

The Venetian Carnival of Remiremont

Every year in March, the Venetian carnival amazes and transports, during a weekend, the spirit of the Doges city to the city of Chanoinesses

Boutique Hotel Épinal


On the borders of Alsace and Lorraine between Remiremont - La Bresse and Gerardmer, in the heart of the Vosges, since 1820, Lecomte-Blaise offers fruit spirits, liqueurs and cocktails.

Fort du Parmont

Discover this very unusual fort, with its exceptional view over Remiremont, the Moselle and Moselotte valleys and goats in semi-freedom.

Boutique Hotel Gérardmer
Boutique Hotel Gérardmer

Stele de Noirgueux

The stèle de Noirgueux commemorates the crossing of the Moselle by the soldiers of the 36th US Infantry Division on 21/09/1944, at the spot named Noirgueux, who fought there risking their lives to liberate the city of Remiremont. A memorial ceremony with realistic reenactments is held every year on the anniversary date.

Gerardmer, the pearl of the Vosges

Popular traditions attribute the foundation of the town of Gerardmer to Gerard de Châtenois, also known as Gerard d'Alsace Duke of Lorraine from 1048 to 1070.

Not to mention, the alpine ski slopes of Mauselaine that offers skiing fun on 20 ski slopes that stretches over 40 km amid the pine forests...

Boutique Hotel Vosges
Boutique Hotel Vosges

Voie Verte des Hautes Vosges

Surrounded by mountains and fresh air, the Voie Verte des Hautes Vosges is a multi-activities track set on 55 km of old railway lines of the valleys of Moselotte.

Discover our picturesque landscape between the cities of Remiremont, Cornimont and Bussang

Fraispertuis City

Over 30 attractions for all ages, restaurants, shops, picnic area, free parking. Stepping into the world of Fraispertuis City is entering a world of thrills.

Breathtaking descents with the Timber Drop with its steepest run in Europe, the 
refreshing descent with the Flum, and the racy descent with the Cactus...

Thrills guaranteed!!! By train, horseback, boat or buffalo back, young visitors will live magical moments and their eyes, like those of their parents, will sparkle with pleasure.

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